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This blog features the my special finds from eBay as well as occasional spotlights on other craftsmen and women. Our sole purpose is to connect fans of steampunk crafts with the objects of their desires.

The main categories that listings are broken down into are as follows:

Main Listings

  • General site listings of steampunk auctions that combine all categories into one long list.

Steampunk Goggles

  • Listings that have been distilled to only display steampunk goggles.

Steampunk Clothing

  • While we try to only display steampunk clothing in this list, sometimes a few other items get tossed in due to the way eBay’s search functionality works. This is usually fairly accurate though and I’d rather show more than less since there are some great vintage clothing items in there.

Steampunk Jewelry

  • This includes steampunk jewelry (or steampunk jewellery if you’d like) and due to the way the search works, it also displays gears and parts occassionally.

Steampunk Books

  • A few choice items picked from Amazon. Until I figure out a way to pull these in a better way, I’ve just borrowed the list from Brass Goggles to tide me over.

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