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Steampunk goggles are one of the first things one pictures when they think of the steampunk genre. They can be purely ornnamental, or fully functional goggles that may have fanciful additions such as a protective iris that opens and closes or lights. While you can certainly build steampunk goggles yourself, it is very time intensive and can be expensive if you want to make a pair that looks nice. Fortunately, there are many crafters out there who are experts and can produce high quality steampunk goggles for cheap. I suggest you browse the selection available at the left and remember that there are new additions to eBay all the time so check back every day as these listings will update automatically.

Many of the ones you will find have adjustable straps and will last quite a long time so they are definitely worth the investment. I have used a pair while riding on an old motorcycle once and I have to admit, it is an experience unlike any other. If you are planning on designing a steampunk costume, a nice pair of brass goggles is essential. But you won't just find steampunk goggles listed here, you'll also find an assortment of Victorian eye wear and antique glasses. Quite frequently we'll even have monocles available for sale which go nicely in a vest pocket.